I'm in love with Laravel

I love Laravel, it made a better developer en keeps me focused. It gives an enormous added value to my profession

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I'm in love with Laravel

I really love Laravel

Are you asking why I love Laravel ? Ok do you have a day or two ?

Laravel is one of the best things that crossed my path the past 20 years. It's a Php framework initially created by Taylor Otwell with a great goal in mind. Keep it simple and clear. This goal is achieved by wrapping all the heavy stuff in nice api's , making it easy for developers to do very complex things.


First I love Laravel because of its documentation. It is the best documented tool I have ever used, and I know that Taylor Otwell, the creator of the framework, and his team are perfectionists in documenting ?


Laravel is an easy to learn framework and has very powerful features implemented in a very clear way. Laravel aims to take away the really tough work for the developers by wrapping the complex setup in easy to use Laravel features.

Routing, eloquent, blade, collections … Everything rocks, and it is clear and simple to use.


It ‘forces’ you to work structured and in a recognizable way. So it’s easier to pickup with someone else’s job. This is typical for frameworks, but I’ve started programming in PHP way before frameworks were born. Everybody created his own classes and tools at that time.


It is very extensible. If you need a job to be done, there will be a package to help you. Creating Excel exports, resizing images, crafting pdf’s, this can all be done by installing extra composer packages into Laravel.

The community

It has a huge community, so if something is not clear, ask it to the community. There are tons of video tutorials ? available and there are many code examples available all over the internet. There are reddit channels and discord channels available and core members of the Laravel are sometimes answering themselves.

Very expressive API

The code itself is also very well-thought-out and has a very expressive API. If you look at the pull requests of Laravel you can see that de developers reviewing the code are perfectionists and discussions about the code makes that only the best possible solution is added to the framework.

A clear vision

The vision of its community is very clear, and that's making the life of developers easier. Many community driven pieces of software are created by developers all over the world, some of them solving very complex problems with a very simple API. Simplicity as main goal, that rocks 🤘.

The error handling

It has a gorgeous error page. It’s not only an error page but a very handy tool that specifies where your error is, and you can open your ide on the line of your error by clicking a pencil.

That’s why I love it !

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