I try to give the community something back

By building this website, creating youtube video and tweeting around I try to give some knowledge back to the community

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Open source

One of my goals is to create some awesome tools and packages for other developers , this is an extract of tools I'm building

Laravel showsql

A Laravel package to output a specific sql to your favourite debugging tool, your browser or your log file.

Use case

You often want to draw the attention and look into one single sql while you are developing. You can look up your sql in your favourite debugging tool in the sql tab , but most of the time your sql is not the only sql executed ... So the searching begins. With this package you can add showSql() to your QueryBuilder and the single sql will be outputted to the logging of your debug tool.


You can install Laravel showsql via composer, more info on the Laravel showsql github repo


LLoadout aims to be your loadout for Laravel, helping you kickstart your development process LLoadout is made up of four pillars: learning , building , automating and optimizing. Everything about LLoadout can be found on the lloadout website


With the video tutorials we try to optimize the learning process with short valuable content of approximate 5 minutes.


With LLoadout components you will pull in the best of class Laravel frontend components. This can drastically speed up your frontend development.


LLoadout Inforce is a toolset to kickstart your application on top of Laravel Livewire, Laravel Jetstream and Spatie Permissions. LLoadout is created using the TALL stack.


LLoadout refactor is a site thats show you some nice refactors, giving you valuable code examples.


What is it ?

Sajan is a lightweight command line tool for webdevelopers, it is written in php .

The tool provides you with shortcuts for multiline commands or opens a world of hidden oneliners.


Sajan is a shell tool tested on MacOs desktop and Linux servers

Sajan uses tools like brew, git, npm, node and composer.

For us brew is the best tool to install these programs, so we depend on it. If you don't have it, you can install it easily via sajan.


You can install sajan via composer, more info on the sajan github repo


What is it

Smart is a blade component for easy image manipulation. Want to serve private hosted images without the need to code your own logic ? Want to resize your images before sending them to the browser, without extra coding ? Then smart might be your buddy !

This package makes it possible to

serve images that are not public accessible without coding resize images without coding resizing public hosted images without coding automatically cache your images

You can install smart via composer , more info on the smart Github repo

Other projects

I have some other little projects that can be found on my Github page

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