HI there, I'm Dieter

Hi, welcome on my site, let me introduce myself, I'm Dieter, how are you ?!

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About me

HI there, I’m Dieter

Hello I’m Dieter Coopman, developer and co-founder of Delta Solutions, located in Waregem, Belgium, founded in 2002. We build custom-made software solutions with the Laravel stack.

I’m programming in PHP since then, and I’m an early adaptor of the Laravel framework. Working with Laravel started for me at version 4.0 in 2013, and I’m still a huge fan. Frontend work I do, nowadays, is mainly in Vue.js combined with Bootstrap, Vuetify, Element UI. I Also crafted some pieces in software in Laravel Livewire.

Learning new stuff

I love experimenting and exploring new things, trying to extract the good things that can be useful for our team at work !

With this writing I want to contribute in the learning and exploring process of developers and give my opinion on things I’ve learned.

In my spare time I love enjoying my wife and 2 kids, my family, running, cooking and off course... Programming and exploring new stuff

You can follow me or get in touch on social media via my social feeds my twitter handle is @dietsedev. This is my Github page. You can email me via hello@dietse.dev

This is my setup

My computer

Hi, curious about my setup ? I’ll tell you what I use …

This is my setup

I’m working on a 13″ Macbook Pro M1. It has 16GB of RAM and 512GB of disk storage.

I’m using a wireless Apple keyboard, the best keyboard I’ve ever had. The mouse I’m using is an Apple Magic mouse 2, yes that with the cable connection on the downside ( impossible to charge when using )

I’m using an Iiyama 27″ external display with a resolution of 2560×1440

My dev tools

PhpStorm is my favourite IDE, i’ve tried VSCode a couple of days but took back to the IDE i’m used to work with.

I’m using Querious as SQL editor for MySql, its a fluent working tool with a lot of possibilities.

iTerm2 is my favourite terminal application, extended with Oh my zsh

Tower is the git client I’m using, it’s a very nice application if you prefer ( like me ) a visual way of managing your git repo’s. I’m using it most of the time with Gitlab / Bitbucket.

Transmit is my favourite ftp tool, one of the benefits of it is that you can manage two ftp locations side by side and connect with S3 compatible storage.

Other productivity tools

I use Alfred to automate some tasks like opening my dev tools or search through the Laravel documentation. I know it more than ten years but I have to admin that I never explored its possibilities through the powerpacks.

I’m reading my mails with Outlook, it gained a lot of power and possibilities the last few years and is included in the MS Office suite.

My R&D and test environment is a ~~Docker setup~~ Valet setup, very handy if you want to test things.

Now I'm using Valet because of the lack of multiple hosts in Sail. But working with Sail feels very, very nice. You install a docker environment, test your application, and if your work is done you throw it away. Without traces and installations on your local machine.

I manage my open windows via spectacle, with this little tool it is very easy to pop a screen to the left or the right of your monitor.

What are you using

You have nice productivity tools that you want to share with me ? Get in touch via social media !

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