Profiling Laravel applications

I've tested some profiling and debugging tools

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Profiling and debugging tools

First, the hassle

Everyone knows the problem of debugging an application. The most popular way to do it in php is using the dump and die method, better known as dd in Laravel. We output something to the screen and exit our application. So you can see the output of a method and stop the execution of your program.

That's not the best thing to do though, your program stops running and can only dump in one place.

There are some handy tools

This can be done better by using some handy tools. Tools that don't necessarily stop the execution of your program, so you can output content on different places in your application. There are some nicely crafted community driven profiling tools to help you as a developer.


How long does a query take ? How will the mails you sent look like ? how can I debug easier than the var_dump method. How many memory is used.

I'll show you 4 tools in a video

In this video I give you a very brief introduction of 4 tools. Laravel Telescope , Barryvdh Debugbar , Laravel Ray and Clockwork. I’ll show you the setup of it. I will also show you where you can see the queries executed against your database. We check some data that is sent to our views and test a simple mailable.

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