I'm doing open source for one year now

How did I started, what did I create ?

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I'm doing open source for one year now

My goal ?

My 40th birthday was my trigger to look back. Looking back to what got me to where I am now. A web developer, co-owner of a company with a team of 7 people using open source software every single day. I wanted to give something back for all the great open source stuff we use every day.

So my idea was ( and still is ) to try to do some things

  • I wanted to create at least one open source package
  • I wanted to create a website with valuable information
  • I wanted to share some information on Twitter.

I actually also had the idea to start a YouTube channel, but I know that's very time-consuming, so hell yeah, we'll see, it's not the prior 1. But let's spoil, it's a check, I've created a YouTube channel

Today, november 16th is the day I turn 41, exactly one year later. Here's the overview of what I accomplished 1 year after the initial idea.

My first package

I had the idea to build a package around the very popular permissions package of spatie. That permissions package makes it possible to define permissions for your application, but it has no gui, so the idea was to build a gui for it. The first name of my package was "permission-ui" but after some brainstorming I decided to call it "LLaodout inforce" as part of LLoadout. LLoadout, that stands for "Your loadout for Laravel, helping you kickstart your development process". The goal is to make it my learning-eco-system.

Other packages I've built

I've got a lot of ideas, big ones and small ones. Some ideas are implemented and packed into composer packages. At this moment I have created this packages that are available on packagist.

Laravel showsql : A Laravel package to output a specific sql to your favourite debugging tool. The supported log output is Laravel Telescope, Laravel Log, Ray, Clockwork, Laravel Debugbar and your browser.

Sajan : Sajan is a lightweight command line tool for webdevelopers

Smart : This packages enables the ability to serve file streams in a smart way

Database comparer : This tool compares two database structures and gives you the possiblity to generate a sql file or synchronize the database structure from source to target.

Laravel news dashboard tile : A Laravel News tile for the Spatie Dashboard

LLoadout inforce : With LLoadout Inforce you will kickstart your Laravel development when using Laravel Jetstream and Spatie permissions.

LLoadout components : With LLoadout Components you will pull in the best off class Laravel frontend components. We don't re-invent the wheel but we bring the best components together.

LLoadout refactor : Code base for refactorings I want to show you. Examples from real world projects.

My website

I had the idea to build a website. I love writing and are pleased to share some knowledge, tips and examples with other developers. With that goal in mind I've built dietse.dev. A full markdown driven website built with Laravel. I try to write some interesting stuff, sharing knowledge as main goal.

Another website I've built is refactor.lloadout.com , a website showing some refactorings from real life projects. It's open sourced and everyone can contribute refactorings.

Share information via Twitter

I follow a lot of content on Twitter and my goal is to share the good tips, using the most valuable content to write about in on my blog. I've done a lot of tweeting and sharing on Twitter for the last 12 months.

I've created a YouTube channel

Until now, I've created more than 10 videos, good for about 4000 views and 120 subscribers. I love making video content, but it's very time-consuming.
My video on Laravel Livewire has been viewed more than 2000 times, and I'm very glad about this achievement. If you're interested in the video content I've created it can be found here

Other contributions

I've contributed to some open source projects. Projects like the open source linux book from bobby liev, the tips lists from Laravel daily and the documentation of Blade uikit.

What the future will bring

I've done a lot, I think I don't want to create extra new channels but want to consolidate what I've started. Sharing new content, making new videos and hope to achieve my goal, giving something back to the community !

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