AI is taking over the world

AI is everywhere, will it take over the world?

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The AI storm is coming

The past year has been incredibly dynamic in the realm of technology. How many non-tech individuals had heard of ChatGPT, DALL-E, AI Co-pilots by 2022? These topics are now common discussions in cafes; it has become mainstream, and there's a sense of falling behind if we don't embrace AI. However, don't worry; it will take a while before AI completely takes over the community; numerous challenges still lie ahead.

Data relevance is key

One of the significant challenges is the need to train these systems with relevant data, and that remains a problem (see anecdote below). Nevertheless, I am convinced that we should embrace and use AI where it can add value, especially in tasks where, for example, a language model outperforms us (such as correcting language errors in this text or translations).


This will bring about a (r)evolution in the job market, similar to the invention of the light bulb rendering a whole group of people unemployed, the telephone making messengers obsolete, and more recently, email challenging postal services. Or in the graphic sector, think about logo painters who lost their jobs due to digital evolution. This is what we call disruption, something we have experienced for centuries, and each time, as humans, we find ways to cope with it and seize opportunities.

For those seeking insights into what AI is and isn't, I recommend Lieven Scheire's book "A.I." (I have it and can lend it to you). Nerdland's podcasts are also very interesting, and if you get a chance to see Jeroen Baert in action, his presentation will ground everyone.

Small anecdote

AI must be trained and is dependent on what we feed into it. Jeroen Baert asked 'DALL-E': 'How would the Mona Lisa have looked in reality, can you show me a photo of that?' The result he got was a sparsely dressed, voluptuous woman... oops... maybe the training data available on platforms like Instagram isn't so relevant.

Image generation

You probably already noticed, the image above was created by AI. Prompt: Please create a highly detailed photo of a family consisting of a woman, a man, a boy, and a girl on the beach, with a beautiful Christmas tree, while they warm themselves by a campfire.

I wrote the text myself and only asked ChatGPT to correct the language errors. 😊

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